After two weeks of design and labor our tech demonstration model for small wind gen-sets came to life at 2:57AM 2012-05-26. We finished it the night before the CEO of a strategic partner dropped by the lab to see it. I only had time to wire half of the transducers and we were trying a new actuation design... So I was concerned about the voltage we'd see. She pulled ~30 V with just a slight hand turn.

There is no conventional generator that can charge a battery at minimal RPM and a slight breeze... until now. This device MAKES small wind turbines a truly viable power solution. Currently, conventional generators require around 400 RPM and pretty strong winds to generate enough voltage to charge a battery. Our device has minimal resistance to rotation and starts charging batteries with only a few degrees of rotation.

We just had a strategic partner's CEO visit the lab to see the device - great stuff. And we have two investors visiting over the next few weeks to hopefully land the capital needed to meet their delivery deadline.

We're very proud of her ;)

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