Piezomagnetic Generators


Aeonova’s Piezomagnetic InductionTM is a new method for generating electric power. It provides a means for generating large pressures without an equally large amount of force required from a prime mover. These pressures are then applied to piezoelectric transducers that convert the pressure into electricity. The changing pressures are generated from permanent magnet field interactions. By employing a means to neutralize the magnetic force interactions working against the prime mover, the conservation of equilibrium, the method allows permanent magnet interactions to become an attractive way to generate the forces necessary for large scale piezoelectric power generation. Another appealing characteristic of the process is that the generated voltage is not dependent upon the rate of rotation. This allows devices to produce sizeable electrical outputs at very low rates of rotation. These lower mechanical energy requirements allow for conventional motive power sources to be harnessed more efficiently, while providing a means to tap new sources not currently exploited.

Aeonova has two flagship product lines that incorporate our Piezomagnetic InductionTM discovery:

Aeonova's Piezomagnetic AmplifiersTM significantly increase the power output of existing conventional generators with practically no added drag to the generator system. This technology can be applied to wind power, hydroelectric, coal, diesel generators, electric vehicles, or any other electric power generation system. These products allow our customers to get more power from their existing infrastructure while lowering the future costs required to meet their power goals. Also, this technology can greatly extend the operating range of electric vehicles.

Aeonova's Piezomagnetic GeneratorsTM deliver electric power with less required input energy and are far more efficient then any other generator. They require less force to rotate and can harness practically any energy source. These generators will quickly replace the current electromagnetic induction generators in use today.

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